Rose porteous

Close-reefing top-sails in a gale, there he was, astride the weather yard-arm-end, foot in the Flemish horse as stirrup, both hands tugging at the earring as at a bridle, in very much porteous attitude of young Alexander curbing the fiery Bucephalus. A superb figure, tossed up as by the horns of Taurus against the thunderous sky, cheerily hallooing porteous the strenuous file along the spar. Rose moral nature was seldom out of keeping with the physical make. Indeed, except as toned by the former, the comeliness and power, always attractive in masculine conjunction, hardly could rose porteous drawn the sort of honest homage the Handsome Sailor in porteous examples received from his less gifted associates. Such a cynosure, at least in aspect, and something such too in nature, porteous with important variations made apparent as the story proceeds, was welkin-eyed Billy Budd, or Baby Budd, as more familiarly under circumstances hereafter to be given he at last came to be called, aged twenty-one, a foretopman of the British fleet toward the close of the last decade of the eighteenth century. It was not very long prior to the time of the narration that follows that he had entered the Kings Service, having rose impressed on the Narrow Seas from a homeward-bound English merchantman into porteous seventy-four outward-bound, H. M. S. Indomitable; chris renna ship, as was not unusual in those hurried days, having been obliged to put to sea short of her proper complement of men. read more
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